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WhatsApp delays new privacy update plan after backlash

बिना इजाजत कोई नहीं कर पाएगा आपको WhatsApp ग्रुप में एड, करें ये सेटिंग

The mobile chatting app ‘WhatsApp’ has announced that its new privacy policy will now be implemented after three months from the scheduled time.

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WhatsApp has taken this decision after heavy criticism of the new privacy policy and rivaling millions of consumers to switch to chatting apps like ‘Signal’ and ‘Telegram’.

The company has said that ‘this new privacy policy was to be implemented from February 8’.

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The company has once again clarified that this update will not affect consumers’ personal interactions and their information.

WhatsApp has written in a blog of the company that “There is a lot of confusion among people about this latest update.” Many misinformation is causing concern among people. That is why we want people to become aware of the facts and our major rules. “

WhatsApp said on Friday that now the new policy will be launched in May instead of February. In the updated policy, it was focused that users can message with the business account and this does not affect the personal conversion. End-to-end encryption in personal chats will remain intact. “This update does not increase our ability to share data with Facebook,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

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In this blog, the company has written that ‘no account will be suspended or closed on February 8’.

The company has said that whatever changes will happen now, it will happen in May 2021. Chief executives of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are using Twitter to clarify the confusion surrounding the new privacy policy.

The company said, “Not everyone is shopping on WhatsApp right now, we feel that in the coming time more users will shop on WhatsApp and people need to know about these services.”

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