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WhatsApp has changed terms of use of service to share data with Facebook

बिना इजाजत कोई नहीं कर पाएगा आपको WhatsApp ग्रुप में एड, करें ये सेटिंग

Users of the popular messenger WhatsApp began to receive notifications of changes that were made to the Terms of Service and the Service’s Privacy Policy. The new rules under which WhatsApp will share the data it collects with Facebook will take effect on February 8, 2021. Until that date, all users who wish to continue using the service must agree to the new terms.

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The update to the WhatsApp Terms of Service are the changes that were announced last year. However, before you could use the option “do not provide Facebook with information about your WhatsApp account.” Now this is not possible and users will have to accept the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to continue using the messenger.

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As for the information that WhatsApp will exchange with Facebook, it is quite diverse. “The information we share with other Facebook companies includes registration data associated with your account (such as a phone number), transaction data, service-related data, including regarding user interactions (including companies) when using our services, information about users’ mobile devices, IP-addresses, etc., ”the WhatsApp message says. It is also noted that the service may collect other information specified in the updated privacy policy or received after notifying the user.

The updated Privacy Policy also explains how Facebook companies can use the data they collect from WhatsApp. They can be used to improve infrastructure and delivery systems, analyze how a company’s services are used, help ensure the safety and integrity of Facebook products, and more.

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The new changes are in line with Facebook’s ambitious goal of providing a more consistent user experience across all of Facebook’s services. While these changes will help deliver better services, they can also pose a number of privacy concerns for processed data.

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