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What is Modi Story, who started it?

What is ModiStory, who started it?

A website called has been launched to share “inspiring” stories from people who have met Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the years. The website will include anecdotes from his life told by various personalities from different walks of life.

What is Modi Story?

The Modi Story website says its aim is to gather anecdotes and first-hand memories from people who have witnessed Narendra Modi up close. Anyone can contribute to the collection in the form of video, audio or text, he said.

“The creation of the new India is the story of ordinary people coming together, aspiring for greatness, in the spirit of ‘we the people’… There are many people, far and near, who have glimpsed life of Modi, his intention. , integrity and intensity,” the portal’s biography said, adding: “Modi Story is about those voices,” it added.

The Twitter bio of the portal reads, “An initiative to bring forward Narendra Modi’s inspiring life story, through the eyes of those who have caught a glimpse into his life.”

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The website also includes videos from Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and Indian badminton player Pullela Gopichand, who also shared their experiences with the prime minister.

“Former MP Sudha Yadav recalled the time when Narendra Modi donated a small sum of Rs.11 to her election campaign in 1999. The amount, though very little, turned around her campaign and how!”

The Twitter account also features an image of Sumitra Gandhi Kulkarni, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter, holding a device that reads “Modi Story.” The background of the image presents a large poster of the initiative.

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“Gandhiji taught us to be the change we wish to see for Bharat. Modi is that change,” Kulkarni said.

Who started it?

The ModiStory initiative has been officially launched by Smt Sumitra Gandhi Kulkarni, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.

“We announce the launch of MODI STORY, a volunteer-driven initiative to collect inspiring moments from the life of Narendra Modi, narrated by his fellow travellers. Opened by Smt. Sumitra Gandhi Kulkarni, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi,” the portal tweeted.

Meanwhile, BJP leaders and several Union ministers, including Smriti Irani, Anurag Thakur, tweeted about The Modi Story.


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