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What is Godi Media and top Godi Media anchors?

Godi Media is a slang term coined and practiced by NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar. The Godi media refers to the section of the media

By Muskaan Fayaz Sahaf
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Ground Report | New Delhi: Godi Media is a slang term coined and practiced by NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar. The Godi media refers to the section of the media that is broadcasting the news in favor of the current Modi government. It has been modified to be a Godi as Modi sentiment.

Since then, the term Godi media has been widely used in India to describe news channels perceived to be biased in favor of the BJP. These channels are often accused of selling fake news, spreading misinformation, and being used as a propaganda tool by the BJP.

The Godi Media concept arose as a criticism of media organizations that are accused of being aligned with the ruling political party or government. Critics argue that instead of maintaining objectivity and holding power to account, these news outlets and presenters tend to promote the government's agenda, often glossing over or downplaying critical issues and dissenting voices.

The accusation of being part of Godi Media is mainly directed at certain television news channels and their presenters, who are seen as vocal supporters of the government. These presenters are known for their aggressive and pro-government stance, often amplifying the ruling party's ideology and policies while neglecting opposing viewpoints. They are frequently accused of sensationalism, lack of journalistic integrity and promoting propaganda.

What is Godi Media?

Godi media is a pejorative term used to describe Indian media outlets that are perceived as biased in favour of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The term is a pun on the Hindi word for "lapdog", and is meant to suggest that these media outlets are subservient to the BJP.

The term Godi media was first coined by Ravish Kumar, a journalist working for NDTV. Kumar used the term to criticize the coverage of the 2014 general election by some Indian news channels. He argued that these channels were giving undue importance to the BJP and its leaders, and were not providing fair and balanced coverage of the elections.

Most of the Indian media houses which are completely biased and working in the interest of the current ruling government are called Godi media.

There has been a lot of discussion in Godi media for the last few years, ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country.

Political Spokesperson (News Debate Host Including) provoke the audience by saying that their religion is in danger because the number of members of their community is dwindling and they need to wake up and they point out that other religions twist their faith and claim that this belief is against them.

In the interest of the country, in the media debate, these spokespersons refer to the rulers (who ruled India thousands of years ago) and criticize their rule and compare them with the community of today which they Targeting

, the Godi media is running the program at 9 pm

(when most viewers sit in front of the TV from them / the country To hear related news) In this program you will see different agendas of this media house.

  • They will be praising PM for no reason
  • They will debate on religious grounds (to incite hatred and fear among communities) rather than on the real issues of the countries.
  • If there are protests against the decisions of the government then Godi media claiming that these protests are against the country.

How did the term Godi media begin?

Godi Media was popularized by NDTV journalist and editor Ravish Kumar and his colleagues created a new name for attacking the government-owned media channels and collecting TRPs for media, And since then, the Godi media has been in the news.

Which channels in India considered as Godi Media

Media houses and news organizations in media include Zee News, Times Now, Republic Bharat, Republic TV,  TV9 Bharatvarsh, Aaj Tak, ABP News, Sudarshan News, CNN-News18, India TV, India Today Network.

Top Godi Media anchors in BJP’s Tenure

By watching this funny video, You will get the idea..

These tags have been given by social media users by referring these top journalists of media houses as part of "Godi media". Some examples of dock media reporters

Top Godi Media anchors

Anchor's Name News Channel Description
Arnab Goswami Republic TV Aggressive style, pro-government stance
Sudhir Chaudhary Aaj Tak Accused of biased reporting and promoting government narrative
Rahul Shivshankar Times Now Allegations of toeing the government line
Navika Kumar Times Now Conducts interviews and discussions supportive of government's narrative
Anjana Om Kashyap Aaj Tak Allegations of biased reporting and association with Godi Media
Amish Devgan News18 India Known for promoting pro-government narratives
Rajat Sharma India TV Criticized for biased reporting and leaning towards the ruling party
Rubika Liyaquat ABP News Accused of favoring the government's agenda
Anand Narasimhan News18 India Often accused of toeing the government's line

Top Godi media channels

Rank Channel
1 Republic TV
2 Zee News
3 Aaj Tak
4 Times Now
5 News18 India
6 ABP News
7 India TV
8 News24
9 India News
10 Sudarshan News

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