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What is 'Desh Ka mentor' Program of AAP?

What is 'Desh Ka mentor' Program; A child rights body has called for a halt to the Aam Aadmi Party's 'Desh Ke Mentor' scheme which 'connects

By Ground report
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What is 'Desh Ka mentor' Program

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is 'Desh Ka mentor' Program; A child rights body has called for a halt to the Aam Aadmi Party's 'Desh Ke Mentor' scheme which 'connects children with unknown people'. The body has claimed that the scheme also 'exposes children to danger'.

The agency also added that "it will suspend this program until the problems are resolved." In response to the statement, AAP has said that 'hindering an innovative plan shows the superficiality of the BJP and its government machinery'.

Noting that the response mentions that the interaction between mentor and mentee is through phone calls, the lead child rights agency said: “It should be noted that crimes involving children can also be initiated through phone calls. For example, children are likely to be trafficked through phone calls. Is there any mechanism to prevent the origin of cybercrime and child trafficking?

“The response also features parents of enrolled trainees completing their consent forms to allow their child to join the program. Indeed, parental consent is an essential prerequisite for engaging children in such activities," the commission added.

The NCPCR said this, however, does not help prevent any abuse of violence against children, adding that the responsibility for preventing children from such situations lies with the department. The commission further said that parental consent cannot be used as a cushion in case of any adverse incident.

What is 'Desh Ka mentor' Program

The Desh Ke Mentor program involves adopting 1-10 government school students who can be mentored by citizens who are successful in their respective fields. Mentors will take 10 minutes each week to guide students over the phone. Interested citizens can adopt between 1 and 10 children studying in the city's public schools as part of the Desh Ke Mentor initiative.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the Desh Ke Mentoring Program on October 11, 2021. At the launch event, CM said, “If our children get better guidance in school, then they can win the world. The country's mentoring scheme has started in public schools in Delhi. My call to all young people, definitely connect with children as mentors, help lead them to a bright future.”

The Chief Minister of Delhi mentioned that the mentors will also teach good behavior to the students. CM Kejriwal called on young people and successful people to become mentors and help build the nation. Even if a mentor trains a student, that student will play her role in the development of the whole society and the country. To participate in the Desh Ke Mentor Program, the state government. you have created an application. This new Desh Ke Mentor app can be downloaded by making a missed call to 7500040004.

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