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'The Gates of hell' Non stop burning for 50 Years will shut forever

Gates of hell; Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has ordered Friday shut down the natural gas well of Darvaza

By Ground report
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The 'Gates of hell' may close after 50 years

Ground Report | New Delhi: Gates of hell; Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has ordered Friday shut down the natural gas well of Darvaza, dubbed by locals as 'the gates of hell'. Converted into a tourist attraction, the crater, 60 meters in diameter and about 20 meters deep, has been burning non-stop for 50 years, which continues to be a problem for the ecology and health of the local population.

The Turkmen authorities are concerned about the harmful impact of the enormous amount of gas burn in the area. This cannot be use or commercialize to improve the standard of living of citizens.

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However, the task of putting out the flames 'of hell' is not easy at all. The president of the Central Asian country has order scientists to get involve in the operation to find the best way to extinguish the fire.

In 1971, when Turkmenistan was still part of the Soviet Union, and engineers went into the desert in search of oil fields. Instead, his heavy equipment was located on top of a large bag of natural gas that collapsed without being able to support the weight.

The entire camp collapsed into a large, bowl-shaped pit. Darwaza groove. The 70 meters wide and 20-meter deep trench began to release natural gas faster.

"We are creating and will continue to create all the necessary conditions to exploit the enormous hydrocarbon reserves of the independent and neutral homeland in the interest of our people," Berdimuhamedow was quoted as saying by Turkmenportal during a government meeting broadcast by the state channel Watan.

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How Gates of hell formed?

The well, located in the Karakum desert near the village of Darvaza, formed in 1971. The group of Soviet geologists stumbled upon an underground cave filled with natural gas during prospecting. When drilling began, they caused the ground to collapse, opening a huge hole with the hydrocarbon.

In their attempt to prevent the gas from poisoning local residents and livestock, geologists decided to set them well on fire, believing that the flames would eventually extinguish on their own. What they probably did not expect is that the 'infernal' fire would remain active for decades.

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