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What is Delhi’s Safe City project?

What is Delhi’s Safe City project?

Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has instructed the Police to implement the ‘Safe City Project’ by August. The project aims to prevent and combat all forms of crimes against women in public places.

As part of the initiative, AI-based applications will be incorporated to facilitate real-time crowd assessment, collect behavioural traits, detect discrepancies, and notify command and control centers at Police Headquarters, districts, and police stations for an immediate response in case of any deviation that may indicate possible crimes.

What is Safe City Project?

The Delhi Safe City project is an initiative to improve women’s safety in public spaces in the city. Project aims to curb crimes against women and address security concerns sensitively through the use of innovative technology and the prompt availability of professionally equipped police personnel to reach women in danger.

The project was launched with the aim of ensuring that women feel safe while traveling, working or visiting public places. The project is being implemented by the Delhi Police and has been endorsed by the central government, which has provided the necessary funds for its implementation.

The Safe City project, which is estimated to cost Rs 798 crore, is being funded by the Nirbhaya fund provided by the Centre.

CCTV projects under different schemes

As part of the initiative, 10,582 CCTV cameras will be installed in places frequented by women. A command and control center equipped with video analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition systems, among other facilities, will be established at police headquarters, district headquarters, and police stations.

The Safe City Project platform will integrate various data sets (32) and CCTV projects under different schemes of the Delhi Police. Two mobile command and control vehicles will be deployed, and 88 Prakhar Vans will be equipped with MDT (Mobile Data Terminal), communication devices, body cameras, vehicle-mounted cameras, GPS, etc.

The project foresees collaborative monitoring by integrating CCTV projects from other departments in the future. GIS mapping of CCTV cameras under the Safe City Project and other Delhi Police schemes will be carried out to avoid duplication.

Location-based services and crime and criminal databases will be integrated with CCTV broadcasts for the fast and effective resolution of women’s security issues in public places.

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