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What does a new report on jobs in India say?

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Jobs in India: In the India Skills Report 2020, it has been claimed that there has not been an increase in the qualification for the youth of India for the last four years. This new report made with the help of CII and the United Nations is making many more claims.

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New report on jobs in India

It has been said in the report that for the last four years there has been no development in the ‘Employability’ of the youth of India, or the ability to get a job. According to the report, this figure has been hovering around 46 percent for three years. The report has been created by private companies named Wheebox and Tagged in partnership with CII, United Nations Development Program, and AICTE, the regulatory body of technical education in India.

The picture of men and women has changed completely on the front of the job. In 2018 and 2020, women overtook men in ‘Employability’ as compared to 2018. In 2018, the men’s score was 48 percent and women’s 46 percent, but in 2020 the men’s score dropped to 45.91 percent and the women’s score went up to 46.8 percent. The score of women reached 47 percent in 2019.

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The report further said “companies in their intentions to recruit people, it was found that they still intend to recruit a larger number of men than women. In 2020, the ratio of men and women to ‘hiring intents’ was 71:29. Probably that’s why 64 percent of the total population of working people are men and only 36 percent women.

The youth who have done B. Tech and MBA have been described as the most eligible to get jobs. The first place was MBA in 2019 and B.Tech in 2018. The qualification of B. Pharma, B.Com, and BA has increased.

Candidates from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh have been found to be more qualified than those from other states. Among cities, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune are ahead of other cities.

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According to the report, in India in 2021, the maximum number of people in banking and financial sector will be hired. After this, the number is in the health sector, auto, retail, logistics, and then energy. The maximum number of jobs will be found in the Delhi-NCR region. After that, the number is Karnataka and Maharashtra.

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