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Militants in Kashmir begun procuring weapons from Bihar

Jammu Kashmir Police have arrested a suspect from Bihar in connection with supplying arms to militants in Kashmir.

By Ground report
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Jammu Kashmir Police have arrested a suspect from Bihar in connection with supplying arms to militants in Kashmir for militant related attacks.

"Kashmir militants are taking arms from Bihar and distributing it among other militants for terrorist attacks." Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh gave this information at a press conference held in Jammu last Sunday.

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He has told that some Kashmiri students studying in Punjab are being used for this work.

According to him, the seven pistols recovered so far were brought from Chhapra district of Bihar. But the Chhapra police say that they had no idea about it.

The statement of DGP Dilbag Singh came after the arrest of two alleged Kashmiri militant commanders, Hidayatullah Malik and Zahoor Ahmed, on 6 February.

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Dilbagh Singh claimed that Hidayatullah Malik formed a local organization called Lashkar-e-Mustafa at the behest of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed, whose job is to procure weapons from different routes, for which it has set up a A network was prepared in which students according to him were studying in Kashmir.

Speaking about the supply of arms from Bihar through alleged extremist Hidayatullah Malik, arrested, Dilbag Singh said, "Through his (Hidayatullah Malik's) companions in Punjab, he had set up a network of procuring arms from Bihar and from Bihar So far, more than seven pistols have been brought and they have been divided further for different terrorist actions."

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It has not been clear yet that the demand for weapons from Bihar is a new trend for Kashmiri extremist organizations. The DGP of Jammu and Kashmir said that these weapons were imported from Chapra from Bihar. So can the people selling these weapons in Chhapra be identified? Has anyone been arrested in the city in this regard? The answer to both questions is no.

Chhapra Superintendent of Police Santosh Kumar said, "I do not have any information about this officially. We have got information about it as soon as the press people are calling and asking. They said that they have no information but now they know about it Will apply.

The J&K Police has arrested Javed from his village in Chapra Bihar on Monday on charges of supplying arms to militants. Apart from Javed, his younger brother Mushtaq Alam has also been arrested in the same case. Mushtaq studies nursing in Mohali, Punjab.

Sources added that the arrested man is being shifted to Jammu where he will be thoroughly questioned.

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