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What are names of 8 cheetahs brought to India from Namibia?

Names cheetahs India; More than 70 years after they Cheetahs extinct in India, eight cheetahs landed in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

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What are names of 8 cheetahs brought to India from Namibia?

More than 70 years after they Cheetahs extinct in India, eight cheetahs landed in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, from the Namibian capital Windhoek. It has been almost 70 years since the last cheetah died in India and this translocation is the culmination of years of efforts between Indian and Namibian scientists to successfully relocate the animals to India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday released eight cheetahs - three males and five females - brought from Namibia into Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park, marking the return of the once-extinct cheetah to India.

Names of 8 cheetahs brought to India

The male cheetahs are named Freddie, Elton, and Oban, while the female cheetahs are named Siyaya, Aasha, Tbilisi, Sasha, and Savannah.

PM Modi began his speech by thanking the Namibian government, saying: “Today, the #Cheetahs have returned to our land after decades. On this historic day, I want to congratulate all Indians and also thank the Namibian government. This could not have been possible without your help.” Modi further said that India declared cheetahs extinct in 1952 and that it is unfortunate that no constructive efforts have been made to reintroduce them for decades.

A total of eight cheetahs, five females and three males, were flown to Gwalior from Namibia on a modified Boeing aircraft on Saturday morning as part of 'Project Cheetah', the world's first intercontinental large wild carnivore translocation project, it said.

As seen in the pictures, a dais was installed in the national park, under which special cages carrying cheetahs were kept. PM Modi released three of these cats around 11:30 a.m. by operating a lever of the cages.

Two male sibling cheetahs were released into one quarantine enclosure and another female cheetah was released into the adjacent enclosure. The quarantine enclosures have a dimension of 50×30 meters and there are six such enclosures for eight big cats.

Interesting information about Cheetah

  • Cheetahs don’t roar like tigers, lions, or leopards, they don’t have the bone in their throat to make that sound, they make low sounds like cats, and sometimes they talk like birds.
  • The cheetah is the fastest running animal in the world, but it cannot run at high speed for very long distances, usually, this distance does not exceed 300 meters.
  • Cheetahs may be the fastest to run, but like all other cat species, they spend a lot of time slow.
  • In terms of speed, Cheetahs are faster than sports cars, taking three seconds to accelerate from zero to 90 kilometres per hour.
  • The cheetah’s name is derived from the Hindi word Chitti because the spotted markings on its body identify it.
  • The cheetah differs from other cat species in that it does not hunt at night.
  • The black streaks under the cheetah’s eyes, which look like tears, actually reflect strong sunlight, so they can see clearly even in bright sunlight.
  • The Mughals liked to have cheetahs, they used to take cheetahs with them on hunts, and they used to go ahead and hunt deer.
  • Cheetah was declared extinct in India in 1952, and now once again efforts are being made to resettle them in India.

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