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Was Greta Thunberg's ‘small dick energy’ remark homophobic?

The climate activist Greta Thunberg promised months ago that she would moderate her language after being caught insulting

By Ground report
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Who is Climate Villain Andrew Tate, got befitting response from Greta Thunberg?

Andrew Tate, has been on social media for reasons everyone is aware of. The climate activist Greta Thunberg was applauded by social media for her savage remark to the former kickboxer’s tweet. The tweet contains the phrase ‘small dick energy’ to denote the personality type of people like Tate.

While the tweet is being appreciated, there is a group of people on the Internet who have taken some offence to the case. There is discourse running about the political correctness of the phrase.

What is 'small dick energy'?

Small Dick Energy is the exact opposite of Big Dick Energy and is based on the old trope that men overcompensate for perceived sexual failings with flashy cars and money. Small Dick Energy is swagger without skill. For example, it is the sexual equivalent of writing a $10k check to show off knowing you don't have it in the bank account.

The opposite is the 'big dick energy' that comes from maturity and experience. It is used to describe someone with relaxed self-confidence. They are not shy or quiet, but they are not arrogant either. It's about being safe, confident, and comfortable with yourself.

A guy who hasn't made much of his own life and thus tries to control the younger people around him may also define the term.

It has nothing to do with the actual size of the penis and everything to do with the inability to respect yourself and be at peace with yourself, regardless of what other people think of you.

Social media reaction

Many have pointed out that while the terms seek to criticize toxic masculinity, they still link, albeit jokingly, courage and positivity to genital size, a silly idea from the same toxic world. Social media users have spent hours discussing which famous figures and fictional characters have the power of a big dick and who lacks it.

Another user wrote "I am legit LOLing at how many progressives are upset that a bullied autistic teenage girl clapbacked by saying her misogynist bully had small dick energy. It's embarrassing on many levels. A huge one being that you think BDE is about dick size. It's literally a vibe."


A Twitter exchange between climate activist Greta Thunberg and former kickboxer Andrew Tate took social media by storm, with Thunberg responding to his tweet about her "33 cars and their massive emissions" with a post that included the term "energy small dick."

It is especially on Twitter where Andrew Tate has caused a stir with misogynistic comments about sexual harassment or invalidating sayings about mental health. Now, he was not far behind with issues like climate change and emissions.

However, Greta Thunberg was not intimidated and left a short and concise answer, as mentioned above.

The kickboxer is being investigated on human trafficking charges in Romania. People believe, it happened because Tate recorded a video as a response to Greta, and the police found his location.


Greta is infamous for her aggressive and insulting remarks. She has never backed out from a fight against powerful politicians, and pointing out their hypocrisies. But, did she take it too far? The discourse is running. ‘Small dick energy’ does have a sexual connotation, and targets the vulnerabilities of men in society. Whatever, it may mean literally, the meaning of a word is determined mostly by how it is perceived. 

Anyhow, while Tate might be a ‘small dick energy’ individual, calling him ‘pretentious’ would have been better. Although, ‘pretentious’ might be less offensive, and something which doesn’t go for Greta’s personality.


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