Story of wall painting at Heeraben Modi’s House

Recently, Prime Minister Modi went to meet his mother Heeraben Modi, when he was in Gujrat to cast his vote for the assembly elections 2022. Whenever he goes to Gujarat, he does not come without meeting his mother, this is the natural love of a son toward his mother.

The pictures of this meeting also went viral on social media.

In one picture, Prime Minister Modi is sitting with his mother Heeraben, and drinking tea, behind them a picture is hanging on the wall in which Heeraben Modi is feeding Narendra Modi. In this painting, there is another picture hanging on the wall in which PM Modi is taking oath as the Prime Minister.

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Posting the original picture from which this painting is inspired, social media satirist Rofl Gandhi wrote that the “original picture had a family. When the picture was made for the wall, the family was removed, every saint should be like this.”

Actually, this picture has been presented to PM Modi by painter Mahesh Pandit of Bihar. Mahesh Pandit has made this picture with oil paint. It is inspired by the picture taken when Prime Minister Modi went to meet his mother Heeraben Modi just after becoming the PM. The original picture also had the family behind him, but in his painting, Mahesh has removed the family and shown the wall behind which has another picture hanging in which Modi is taking the oath.

Rofl Gandhi’s comment that the family was intentionally removed from the picture would not be right, because Mahesh Pandit made this picture at his own discretion and presented it to PM Modi.

Who is Artist Mahesh Pandit?

Artist Mahesh Pandit with PM Modi

Mahesh Pandit renowned artist is from Bihar he lives in Gurgaon. He has experience of over 25 years has been hailed by various prominent public figures like Ram Nath Kovind, Narender Modi, Arun Jaitley, Amit shah, and various other prominent people.

His artwork is sold around the world. Mahesh Pandit specializes in Portraits, Landscapes, Abstracts,  Indian God & Goddess Paintings, and more.

He is a self-taught artist, who initially started his journey as a tea seller in Gurgaon until he started reading books about paintings. He has never even seen the face of an art school.

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