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Passengers push express train to safety amid fire at Kiul Junction

Passengers in Bihar act swiftly to push an express train amidst a minor fire incident, preventing further damage. Viral footage captures their remarkable efforts, showcasing community resilience during emergencies.

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Passengers Push Express Train to Safety Amid Fire at Kiul Junction

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Passengers at Kiul Junction station in Bihar pushed an express train due to a minor fire in a viral video. A huge fire occurred on the Patna-Jharkhand passenger train on Thursday, June 6, burning the ladies' coach. A liquor bottle was found in the burnt train, raising suspicions about the fire's cause.

The short-distance train, traveling from Patna to Jasidih along the Patna-Howrah route, witnessed flames around 5:24 pm as it approached Kiul station. Passengers immediately activated the alarm chain, and upon reaching Kiul station, they hurriedly disembarked while flames engulfed three coaches, according to eyewitnesses.

The viral video shows people pushing the express train to prevent more fire damage. Social media users have shared the footage with captions like "Bihar is not for beginners," reflecting the extraordinary efforts.

The incident occurred during a fire on the Patna-Jharkhand passenger train on Thursday, June 6. The ladies' coach was severely affected, and investigations found a liquor bottle in the debris, prompting speculation about the fire's cause.

"Some passengers onboard were relocated to unaffected coaches and transferred to Jasidih. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation," stated Saransawati Chandra, Chief Public Relations Officer of the East Central Railway (ECR).

Passengers and railway personnel quickly separated the train's coaches from the burning section, using makeshift methods like breaking the coupling between the bogies to move the train away from the flames, potentially preventing further damage.

A video of the Kiul Junction station incident went viral on social media, with users praising the passengers' response. Local reports suggest the bogie coupling was broken, allowing the unaffected coaches to be moved from the fire.

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