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Very disturbing visuals coming from Manipur, PM Modi break your silence now

manipur video; Shocking and heartbreaking images have emerged from Manipur, where two women from the Kuki-Zo tribal

By Ground report
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Very disturbing visuals coming from Manipur, PM Modi break your silence now

Shocking and heartbreaking images have emerged from Manipur, where two women from the Kuki-Zo tribal were subjected to an ordeal.

In India's North East Manipur region, a horrifying incident has shaken the nation. The video of two Kuki women being paraded naked on the streets, molested, and later raped has ignited outrage and concern. The incident occurred amidst the backdrop of ethnic violence that has claimed over 160 lives in the past two months.

On May 4, in Nongpok Sekmai, Thoubal district, the women found themselves in a nightmarish situation when a mob attacked their house, resulting in the death of their father. Desperate to escape the violence, the women were rescued by a police unit. However, their desperate bid for safety was thwarted when a massive mob of around 1000 people blocked the road and snatched the women away.

What followed was unspeakable horror, as the women were stripped naked, paraded on the streets, and subjected to sexual assault by a mob consisting of approximately 1500 men. Their 19-year-old brother bravely tried to protect his sisters' modesty, but tragically, he was lynched and killed by the violent mob.

Disturbingly, despite the gravity of the incident and its shocking video evidence, no arrests have been made thus far. Manipur state has been engulfed in a deadly ethnic war between the Hindu Meiti tribe and the Christian Kuki tribe for several months, leading to escalating tensions and violence.

India's government has deployed thousands of paramilitary troops in the region, yet ethnic clashes persist unabated. The Kuki tribes have accused the state government, led by the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP party, of supporting the Meiti tribe.

Viral video shows mob parading naked women

A video that went viral on July 19 captured a large crowd parading the naked women into a rice paddy, while other men allegedly fondled and forcefully groped their private parts. The incident occurred after the village of B Phainom was allegedly burned down, and two men were brutally beaten to death by the mob.

The harrowing video shows the identities of the women, shared on social media by the perpetrators, further amplifying their agony. The incident has sparked outrage and raised questions about the safety and dignity of women in the country.

The horrifying episode has been blamed on an alleged Meitie mob, raising concerns about the lack of immediate intervention and protection from the authorities. Many are now demanding action from the government, particularly from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to address this heinous act and ensure justice for the victims.

The incident has left the nation in shock, questioning how such atrocities can be allowed and emphasizing the urgent need for stronger measures to safeguard women's rights and safety.

As the video continues to circulate, many are expressing their pain and anger at the ordeal these innocent women endured and are demanding accountability for the perpetrators involved.

The incident has sparked a national outcry and it is time for our leaders, especially the Prime Minister, to address this troubling situation and take decisive action to protect the safety and dignity of women in the country.

ITLF condemns Kuki-Zo women's abuse

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) has issued a strong condemnation of the horrific sexual abuse and gang rape of two Kuki-Zo women during an ethnic clash in Kangpokpi district on 4 of May.

The ITLF press release calls for urgent action by the central and state governments, as well as the National Women's Commission and the National Scheduled Tribes Commission, to take note of this heinous act and ensure justice for the victims.

"A video which went viral today shows a large Meitei mob parading two Kuki-Zo tribal women naked toward a paddy field to be gang-raped. The despicable scene, which happened on May 4 in Kangpokpi district, shows the men constantly molesting the helpless women, who cry and plead with their captors," the ITLF said in the statement.

"The horrifying ordeal suffered by these innocent women is amplified by the perpetrators' decision to share the video, which shows the identity of the victims, on social media," the ITLF said, and appealed to the National Commission for Women and the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes to take action.

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders' Forum strongly denounces the horrifying act and urges the central and state governments, National Commission for Women, and National Commission for ScheduledTribes to acknowledge the offense, and implement appropriate measures to ensure justice is served upon the perpetrators.


"Disturbing videos emerging from Manipur about a woman belonging to a particular community being paraded naked by a mob. There is total breakdown in the relationships of the two communities there. Hate has won in Manipur," Tripura's Tipra Motha Party chief Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma tweeted.

"Attention India. The modesty of two tribal women from Manipur were outraged on 4th May. They were paraded naked, fondled and beaten in full public glare. A disturbing video taken by a perpetrator leaked and got viral today. This breaks all level of humanity," Manipur resident and journalist Hoihnu Hauzel tweeted.

A Twitter user wrote "Horrific sexual atrocities committed to Kuki Zo women in Manipur. Where’s the govt? #Kuki_ZoLivesMatter"

Another user said "Happened to watch this video where a Kuki woman was made naked & paraded while other men fondled her & touched forcefully in private parts. But the Pradhan Mantri is busy in party alliances & international meetings. This is why India has to strongly oppose the BJP in 2024."

"PM Modi is Busy Ranting at Opposition & Enjoying Foreign Tours while #ManipurBurning. #ManipurViolence : A Kuki Woman was Paraded Naked in BJP ruled Manipur State which has PM Modi's Blessings in the Form of Double Engine Sarkar" another user added.

Another user tweeted "Two Kuki {Christian} Women Paraded Naked by Hundreds of Men in Manipur who Gropped them 😢 Those Hundreds of Men, Naah Wild Beasts take the 2 Women in to Fields This Patriotic & Nationalistic Indian media keeps mum on"

"A cookie woman was paraded around in BJP ruled Manipur, where Modi ji's double engine government is in power, surrounded by hundreds of rapists, we cannot even imagine the suffering of these women" is in passive voice.

"BJP ruled Manipur, where Modi ji's double engine government is in power, paraded a cookie woman while hundreds of rapists surrounded her. The suffering of these women is beyond our imagination," another person tweeted.

Another user tweeted, "It’s disturbing and devastating to see the video of Kuki women’s being paraded naked and sexually assaulted by the allegedly Meitie mob in Manipur is extremely distressing. How can a country allow its women to be treated like this?"

As the nation awaits an answer, the question remains: How can a country allow its women to be treated in such a horrible way? The time to act is now.

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