Vegetable seller’s son wants to contribute his salary to save life of COVID patients

The COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc, central government and the state government are making efforts to improve the situation. 

There are some such reports coming from everywhere, which are telling that the situation can become worse, There is fear in people due to the shortage of oxygen. But in the meantime there are some people who are setting the example of goodness. 

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Somewhere there are doctors, who left their own world and went back to work despite it, there are some people who are engaged in doing noble work in view of this era of Corona. One such example is presented by the son of a vegetable man.

A Mumbai-based cardiologist named Dr. Snehil Mishra shared a screenshot of a message he received from a vegetable seller’s son. His father was Dr. Mishra’s patient. He received a message from his son and it took him by surprise.

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It said, “Hi Sir, If there is any Covid patient poor family who is not able to manage hospital ventilator cost or medicine cost? Please let me know I want to contribute my salary and save life.”

Image Credits:Twitter

The internet flooded the screenshot with comments of praises. One user wrote, “God comes to rescue in many ways”. Another commented, “Something positive and inspiring at these tough times! Beautiful!!”.

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Actor Lisa Ray shared the tweet on her Instagram profile with the caption, “Now is the time to come together as a country”.

Another commented, ‘It also stems from the fact that they encounter suffering at close quarters & hence learn to be more human & and empathetic. The well off will find this a little hard to understand this.’

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