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Uttar Pradesh: Unemployment increasing frustration and depression among youth

In the last two weeks, at least four students committed suicide in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. step due to depression

By Ground Report
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122 suicides in 7 years in IITs, IIMs; what's main reason behind suicide?

In the last two weeks, at least four students committed suicide in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. It is being told that everyone has taken this step due to depression. Behind depression is failure in examinations and lack of opportunities.

In Prayagraj, lakhs of students live for the preparation of various competitive examinations and study at coaching centers or at home. Manish Yadav of Salori area committed suicide by hanging himself on February 27. 

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Manish was a resident of Ghazipur and was preparing for competitive examinations here for the last two years. This was the fourth such incident in the last few days. 

A large number of students preparing for competitive examinations in Prayagraj have been living for a long time and have been successful in these exams as well as failure. But often speaking of depression, committing suicide is not heard. That is why when many such incidents came to light in just two weeks, people were bound to be shocked.

Dinesh Kumar Singh, who teaches at a coaching center in Prayagraj to prepare for the banking exams, says, "These kinds of incidents are worrying. We keep pleading with the students not to get into depression.

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During the studies they tell them It remains that failure in the exam is not like the end of life. There are many paths ahead too, but with the students who take such steps, there can be more reasons not only for the pressure of studies but also because of this.

Also, it can not be denied that the students fall prey to the conditions like lack of opportunities in jobs, lack of timely examinations, and non-timely arrival of results.

Prayagraj Allahabad has been a favorite city of competitive students. One reason for this is that apart from the headquarters of the State Public Service Commission here, there are headquarters of many other recruitment commissions and the regional offices of the Central Commissions. 

The commission conducts recruitment examinations for various services. But everywhere for the past several years, recruitment has been stopped or it is going on late. 

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It is taking three to four years to complete the recruitment process of organizations like Staff Selection Commission, Uttar Pradesh Secondary Service Selection Board, Higher Education Service Selection Commission.

The recruitment process of the Staff Selection Commission for the year 2017 and the year 2018 has not been completed yet. Not only this, the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Selection Board has not announced any new recruitment in the last four years. From the board, teachers are appointed in secondary schools of the state. 

In October last year, the selection board announced recruitment for about fifteen thousand posts, but due to all the discrepancies in the initial phase, the board withdrew it. No process has been started from scratch yet. Recently, a campaign was also organized by students on social media about this.

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