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US study claims, India could see 5,000 Covid deaths per day

The COVID-19 virus havoc in India is increasing so much that now patients are not getting beds even in hospitals. At present, more than three lakh cases of COVID-19 are coming in a day and more than 2000 deaths are occurring, then the health system of the country has collapsed. 

There is an outcry from oxygen to beds and medicines. But guess what will be the condition of the country when more than eight lakh cases will be received in a day and there will be five thousand deaths. 

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In fact, it has been estimated in the American study that Corona will be at its peak in the middle of May in India and during this time there will be more than 5000 deaths every day. 

According to an India Today report, the US study cautioned that the number of deaths due to corona virus could reach 5,600 daily in India by the middle of May. 

This would mean that between April and August, about three lakh people could lose their lives due to Corona virus in the country.

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The study was called the ‘covid-19 estimate’ by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. This study, published on April 15 this year, has hoped that vaccination can reduce the pace of the second wave of corona virus in India. 

IHME experts have warned in the study that the corona virus is going to be in a very bad condition in India in the coming weeks. For this study, experts have assessed the current rate of infection and deaths in India.

In this study, it is estimated that by May 10 in India, the death toll from covid will reach 5600 in one day. At the same time, between April 12 and August 1, 3 lakh 29 thousand deaths have been estimated. 

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In this way, by the end of July, the number of people who lost the corona virus in the country will cross 6 lakh 65 thousand. At the same time, the study has also estimated that by the second week of May, the number of corona patients received on a single day in the country will cross 8 lakh. 

The corona Study Group, led by Dr. Bhramar Mukherjee of Michigan School of Public Health, has made estimates to analyze the outbreak in India.  

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