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Union minister V Muraleedharan turned around to make Sreedharan as CM candidate in Kerala

Union Minister and BJP leader V Muraleedharan has been overturned by the appointment of ‘Metro Man’ E Sreedharan as the CM candidate of the party in Kerala.

V Muraleedharan has said that ‘he made that statement without checking with the party. The party has not officially made any announcement in this regard.

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On Thursday, Muraleedharan had said that ‘Our party has announced that E Sreedharan will be the CM candidate for the upcoming Kerala assembly elections’.

In this regard, he also tweeted a tweet, which has now been deleted.

He wrote, “BJP will contest elections in Kerala by making E Sreedharan as CM candidate. We will defeat both the CPI and the Congress, so that the state can get a corruption-free and developing government.”

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But later, Muraleedharan told news agency ANI, “What I said was based on media reports that were written by the party. But when I confirmed this to the party, it came to know that no such announcement has been made.”

In a tweet that is on V Muraleedharan’s official Twitter account till Friday morning, he writes, “Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, the BJP will work to meet the needs of the people of Kerala.” The new Kerala will get an efficient and effective government under the leadership of E. Sreedharan.

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Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has made fun of these tweets of V Muraleedharan. He wrote on Twitter, “What a joke! The BJP is getting confused about reaching the top floor of a building that will never be built. There will never be a BJP Chief Minister in Kerala.”

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