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Unemployment in Uttar Pradesh in last 5 years

Unemployment in Uttar Pradesh; Ahead of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, which is India’s largest and densely populated state

By Fozia Baba
New Update
Unemployment in Uttar Pradesh in last 5 years

Ground Report | New Delhi: Unemployment in Uttar Pradesh; Ahead of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, which is India’s largest and densely populated state has fallen from nearly 17% to 5.41% in exactly 5 years in the unemployment rate.

As per the data obtained from CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy), UP’s unemployment rate was 16.82% during the period May-August 2016 and the latest unemployment rate for the period May-August 2021 — is 5.41%.

“Unemployment in UP was lower than the national rate of 23.5%. Nationwide, unemployment was highest in Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, and Bihar at 49.8%, 47.1%, and 46.6% respectively. It was lowest in Punjab, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana at 2.9%, 3.4%, and 6.2% respectively,” it said.

While the number of unemployed educated youth in UP has grown by over 12.5 lakh in the last two years to 34 lakh, as mentioned by the Yogi Adityanath government at the state assembly on February 14 last year.

As per the UP's labour minister, Swami Prasad Maurya 33.93 lakh unemployed persons were registered as of February 7, 2020, with their department.

Earlier the number of registered educated unemployed in UP stood at 21.39 lakh as on June 30, 2018. This amounts to a 58.43 per cent growth in the number of unemployed people in the state in the last two years.

The CMIE data further states that the unemployment rate in the state increased to 21.5 per cent in April 2020, during the first lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UP’s Additional Chief Secretary, Information, Navneet Sehgal, who is also a spokesman of the government, in an interview with the newspaper stated that  CMIE figures, the unemployment rate was 17.5% before 2017.

In early 2020, the government managed to keep it at 10%, but the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns posed a challenge before the state government as the unemployment rose to 21%, he said.

Sehgal said under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath, a series of steps were initiated by the MSME sector, which is also considered as the largest job giver sector.

“These measures helped the state in recovering from Covid-triggered economic gloom, he said and added that gradually global giants started attracting towards the state, provoking much-needed economic activities,” he said.

Earlier in September, CM Adityanath mentioned at a rally that the unemployment rate in the state was more than 17 per cent in 2016 and his government had dropped it to four-five per cent. UP records the highest rise in unemployment in urban areas in 2018, according to data compiled by the National Statistical Office (NSO).

It will be now interesting to see during ongoing elections, the issue of unemployment is least talked about by the political parties and more unwanted issues are becoming popular among the politicians.

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