Unable to pay for iPhone, youth kills delivery boy in Karnataka

Know about Hemant who killed delivery boy for an iPhone

A 20-year-old man from Karnataka allegedly killed a Flipkart delivery partner who came to deliver an iPhone. The incident took place in the Hassan district of Karnataka. The accused, identified as Hemanth Dutt, keeping the body at his home for four days before attempting to burn it near a train station.

The accused Hemanth Datta (20 years old), who is also a delivery agent for a courier company, allegedly kept the body of Flipkart delivery agent Hemanth Naik (23) in a jute bag for three days at his home before throwing it near the railway tracks and then set it on fire, Hassan Police Superintendent Hariram Shankar told reporters.

“We received the information about a half-burnt corpse near the railway tracks in Lakshmipuram near Anchekopalu bridge on the morning of February 11,” Shankar said.

Hemant Naik’s relatives and the delivery management company had complained to the police about his disappearance. Then, during the investigation focused on the part where the last order was delivered, information about the murder came to light.

CCTV footage near Hemant Dutt’s home became crucial in the investigation. Police obtained footage of him trying to dump the body on a bicycle and buying diesel to burn it.

The accused confessed to the crime during interrogation after being arrested. He told the police that he had wanted to have an iPhone for a long time and when he ordered it, he did not have enough money and asked many people to lend him some.


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