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UN report: Earth's temperature will increase by 1.5 degree Celsius by 2030

UN report; The United Nations has warned that global warming is accelerating and that mankind is clearly responsible for it. The

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UN report Earth's temperature will increase

Ground Report | New Delhi: UN report; The United Nations has warned that global warming is accelerating and that mankind is clearly responsible for it. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said in its report that the Earth's average surface temperature will increase by 1.5 °C by 2030. This increase will go a decade ahead of the forecast.

UN report

The report says that rising temperatures will lead to severe weather-related disasters across the world. The world is already experiencing irreversible changes in melting ice sheets, rising sea levels, and increasing acidification. Valerie Maison-Delomote, who is leading the panel, said that while some changes will continue for a hundred or even thousands of years, they can only be slowed by emissions reductions.

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The report said that due to the continued emissions of gases that heat the atmosphere, due to which the temperature limits have been broken in just two decades. Researchers associated with this study believe that given the current situation, the fear cannot be ruled out that by the end of this century, the sea level may rise by about two meters.

In his statement on the forecast, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, "The report of the IPCC Working Group-1 is an alarm bell for humanity." The timing of the report's release also cannot be ignored, when all the continents of the world have been gripped by weather events.

Many climate changes

According to Guterres, 'the sound of this bell is very loud to our ears and it is impossible to deny it. Greenhouse gases emitted by the burning of fossils and the continuous cutting down of forests are suffocating the world and endangering the lives of billions of people. Every area of ​​the earth is being affected by the rise in temperature. Many of these changes are such that they are now becoming irreversible.

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The detailed explanation of the report is now in front of everyone and scientists are also emphasizing that human-induced global warming has led to the increase in weather events and climate change to this level. Significantly, in the last report of 2013, scientists were hesitant to attribute these things entirely to human-induced global warming, but in the latest report they are convinced that human activities are solely responsible for global warming.

The UN Secretary-General described the report as "dangerously close to crisis" for the world and warned of a 1.5°C rise in the Earth's temperature. He said, 'We are moving closer to the danger of 1.5 degree Celsius in the coming time. If we want to avoid this, then we have to immediately stop our activities and choose the difficult path. We have to take a decision to survive because the world has already reached the danger level of 1.2°C.

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