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Two minors marry in classroom, video viral on social media

Two minors marry in classroom : A child marriage case come up in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh junior college in Rajamahendravaram

By Ground report
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Two minors marry in classroom

Two minors marry in classroom : A child marriage case has come up in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The marriage was being done in the classroom of a junior college in Rajamahendravaram, whose video went viral on social media.

Police has registered a case under the Child Marriage Act, 2006.

Officials say that this marriage is legally illegal and invalid and both boys and girls have been counseled.

Police is investigating who got these two minors "married" in the classroom.

The 17-year-old boy asked for the girl wearing mangalsutra and then both of them took photographs.

It is being told that another minor girl present there made a video of this incident and sent it to her friends.

After finding out this incident, the administration of the college has removed the name from the college by giving transfer certificate to both of them.

Vasireddy Padma, chairperson of Andhra Pradesh Women's Commission, said that both of them are minor classmates.

He told, "The girl's parents have refused her to come home. The girl has been sent for counseling at the 'One Stop Center'. The members of the Women's Commission have also spoken to the parents of the boy and also counseled them. is."

He also said that the Women's Commission will make arrangements for the minor girl's stay.

Meanwhile, the police of Rajamahendravaram have registered a case and started investigation.

Police said, "We will take statements of both the minors, their families and the college administration. The police will make the people involved in the case aware of the consequences of child marriage."

R Sues, director of the Women's Commission, said, "This incident of marriage in the classroom shows that there is a lack of information about the law among the students. The Women's Commission on Colleges and Universities regarding Child Marriage, Poxo Act and Right to Education Act Awareness campaign. "

Delhi is going to be the first city in India where the victim of a crime will be convicted of physical injury, mental or emotional trauma and even financial assistance for the funeral.

According to a report published in The Hindu newspaper, the compensation will be awarded to the guilty when the final hearing is over and the court and the victims agree on it.

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This decision was made by Amicus Curiae GS. Based on the 'Victim Impact Report' submitted by Bajpai and Delhi High Court Senior Advocate Vikas Pahwa.

When the court decides the amount of compensation, it will count every amount spent by the victim, ranging from psychological counseling of the victim, treatment, legal expenses, property damage and interest thereon.

After the crime, the investigating officer will also have to record the 'loss of the victim' and 'the financial status of the accused'.

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