61-year-old grandmother gave birth to her own granddaughter, know how

A 61-year-old woman has given birth to her own granddaughter in the US state of Nebraska. She became a surrogate for her lesbian son and her husband. Since the birth of the girl child, the family is not happy.

Cecil Alleg kept the daughter of her son Matthew Alleg and her husband Eliot Dufferty in their womb and gave birth to baby Uma Lewis last week.

Cecil says that he had offered to become a surrogate when his son and Eliot first talked about starting a family.

At that time, he was 59 years old. She says that the first family took her suggestion seriously and not as a joke.

For Cecil, her son’s husband Eliot Dufferty says, “It was a very beautiful feeling from her side. She is a selfless woman.”

But when Matthew and Eliot, who live close to Cecil’s house, started looking for options to give birth to their baby, a doctor told them that it could be a good option.

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The doctor talked to Cecil and several of his tests were done, after all it got the green signal for surrogacy.

She says, “I take great care of my health. There was no reason to doubt that I can keep the child in my womb.”

Matthew gave his sperm and became Eliot’s sister, Lee Egg Donor.

Strait couples may consider IVF as a last resort, says Eliot, who works as a hair dresser, but this was her “only hope” for a biological child.

Matthew, who teaches in a school, says, “We always knew that we had to be different and think about it differently.”

Cecil says that there was no complication in pregnancy, although the common signs of pregnancy during her three children were “a little more”.

The most obvious sign of his age was seen when Cecil’s womb had passed only a few days after implanting the embryo.

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It was less than a week and Matthew and Eliot brought the pregnancy test kit. To see if the embryo has been successfully transferred.

Cecil laughs, “We were told not to do the test yet. But the boys were not able to wait.”

Cecil did the test and broke down to see that the result had come negative. But when Mathew came home in the evening to take care of her mother, she saw something that she could not see. A second pink line was seen on the test. Which was confirming pregnancy.

Cecil says that the boys start laughing, mother, your eyesight has reduced. “It was a very happy moment,” she says.

Cecil remembers Matthew and Eliot saying, “She can’t see anything, but will give birth to a baby.”


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