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Home » Twitchstopgambling: How Twitch is making people gambling addicts?

Twitchstopgambling: How Twitch is making people gambling addicts?

Twitchstopgambling: How Twitch is making people gambling addicts?

Gambling on Twitch has been a controversial topic, especially since the rise of slots on the platform. However, calls to ban the practice were amplified after ‘Sliker’ admitted to asking fans and other streamers for thousands of loans to play.

Accusations of “scamming” were rife, with Trainwreck, Twitch’s biggest game streamer, admitting to being a person trying to help Sliker pay off his gaming debts.

On September 18, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane, one of the biggest creators on the platform with over 9 million followers, posted a tweet calling for gambling broadcasts to be banned.

“Like if Twitch should ban gambling,” wrote the Twitch star, who so far has over 247k likes at the time of writing.

Gambling has become a huge presence on Twitch, with many of the platform’s most popular streamers devoting entire live streams to betting large amounts of cash on sponsor gambling sites. Many prominent content creators have come forward, claiming that Sliker “swindled” them out of thousands or, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.

First reported by Dexerto, creators like Lukeafk and Mikelpee shared videos and statements of Sliker asking for monetary assistance due to his “bank account being blocked.”

In almost all cases, Sliker claimed that he would pay the funds back within a set period of time, sometimes with interest.

The growing category on Twitch is also a huge source of controversy, as the streaming community is concerned about the influence these popular streamers have on their predominantly young audience.


Twitchstopgambling is trending on social media as people tell stories of how their lives were ruined after getting addicted to gambling on twitch. Some of the victims are not even 18 years old, but they are thousands of dollars in debt. Take a look at some examples of why people are asking Twitch to ban gambling streams.


“I used to bet a lot of my money. Basically all my Twitch money,” ItsSliker said in the video. “I would run into streamers and ask if I could borrow money. I wouldn’t agree with them, obviously. Since it was a game, I would lie to them.”


In the video of him, Sliker thanked the streamers for coming forward and stated that “what the game has done for me… is dangerous. This is the epitome of a fucking game addict.”

Twitch allows for a streaming category known as “Slots,” which ranks ninth in popularity as of this writing, beating popular games like Call of Duty and Minecraft.

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