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#justiceforCUgirls is trending, why it is important?

Justice for CU girls; Students at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab staged protests after a girl allegedly leaked private videos

By Ground report
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#justiceforCUgirls is trending, why it is important?

Students at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab staged protests after a girl allegedly leaked private videos of her fellow hostel takers bathing. The police have registered a case and the accused girl has been arrested.

The incident has united the divided world of Twitter, as everyone came together to ask people not to share the video in question. Now the hashtags "#Chandigarhuniversity" and "#justiceforCUgirls" are all the rage on social media following reports of the alleged Chandigarh University MMS video leak.

Justice for CU girls
Justice for CU girls

The NSUI tweeted their support, “What happened in #chandigarhuniversity is annoying and shameful. We demand fair investigation & strict action against the culprits, who are involved in this matter. We appeal all the students to remain calm, NSUI is with you in this fight till justice is served.”

This user wrote, “A female student from CU recorded videos of 60 girls and made them viral online. 4 girls attempt suicide, 1 de@d. Close down #ChandigarhUniversity #justiceforCUgirls Shame and jail all the Culprits involved in this case including the recepients of MMS.”

A user wrote, “#Mohali #chandigarhuniversity चंडीगढ़यूनिवर्सिटी (sic) Request pls...pls delete them if any of u got those videos! Don't play with girls lives”

Important points

  • A ruckus broke out at a private university near Chandigarh late Saturday night after a pgraphic video went viral.
  • A campus student has been accused of making obscene videos of many girl students.
  • Allegation on the student that she sent the videos to a boy in Shimla who made them viral.
  • Mohali SSP said that till now no evidence has been found of many girl students attempting suicide, the accused student has been arrested.
  • The university administration also called the girl students a rumour, saying that the girl students had fainted during the uproar.
  • Many ministers of Punjab government appealed to maintain peace, said – the guilty will not be spared.

Who made the video viral?

In another viral video, the female warden of the hostel is interrogating the accused girl. In which the girl can be heard saying that she had made some videos and sent them to a boy living in Shimla.

The lady warden asks why did she do this to which the girl had no answer.

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