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Toolkit case: Delhi High Court gives advice to TV channels

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Delhi High Court said on Friday that leaked information can affect the investigation and it cannot be spread.

The Delhi High Court has refused to stop reporting on the toolkit case on TV channels. In this case, environmental activist Disha Ravi of Bengaluru has been arrested.

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The court admitted that “recent coverage by the media definitely shows that there is sensationalism”. It said “while police briefings and the happenings in court proceedings etc. can also be broadcast and disseminated, leaked investigation material ought not to be disseminated so as to prejudice the investigation.”

The High Court bench gave relief to journalists and news institutions in the matter of making their sources public and also said that they should test the truth of any news and should not make it sensational.

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“If the charge-sheet is filed in the meantime and the same is made public, once the investigation reaches some conclusion, dissemination of the contents of the charge-sheet would not be interdicted in any manner,” the judge clarified.

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Justice Pratibha M. Singh said that the Delhi Police can stay the press conference on the investigation as per the instructions of the office memorandum of April 1, 2020 in this case till the rights of 22-year-old environmental activist Disha Ravi is violated.

On Thursday, Dashi Ravi through her lawyer Abhinav Sikri demanded the Delhi High Court to stop the police from leaking news in the toolkit case.

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