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‘This war has to end’: Watch Biden’s Yemen announcement

US in no hurry to recognize Taliban: White House

US President Joe Biden spoke openly about the country’s foreign policy in his first diplomatic address. He announced “America is Back” as President on the global stage.

Biden has promised a new era after his predecessor Donald Trump’s clumsy foreign policy. On Thursday, he reached the State Department and gave the first address about his government’s foreign policy. 

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While Biden indicated an aggressive attitude towards China and Russia in his speech, he urged the Myanmar army to end military rule. At the same time, he has announced to stop supporting Saudi attacks on Yemen. 

Biden said the US was withdrawing its support for Saudi-led military operations in Yemen. He said that the six-year war “must end” but stressed that the US would continue to support its old ally, Saudi Arabia. 

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In his speech to China and Russia, Biden said, “The American leadership must confront this growing dictatorship, including China’s growing ambition and Russia’s resolve to damage and disrupt democracy. We face challenges Including pandemics, climate crisis and nuclear proliferation. “

Trump had raised tariffs during his tenure, causing the US to face resentment from Asian and European leaders and damage to the global alliance. Trump had done little to push back authoritarianism in some countries. After the violence on Capitol Hill on 6 January, global leaders, including allies and rivals, expressed doubts about the health of American democracy. 

Trump has been accused of instigating his supporters for the violence on Capitol Hill, and Biden’s speech on Thursday was an attempt to create a ruckus to dispel those doubts and convince Americans of their country’s values. 

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Biden said, “We do not invest in diplomacy just because we have to invest but it is right for the world and we do it. We do this to live in peace, security and prosperity. We do our best We do the same for you. ” 

Regarding the global alliance, he said, “The American alliance is our greatest asset and being a leader with diplomacy means walking once again shoulder to shoulder with our allies and key partners.”

With this, Biden has said that the US is withdrawing its support for Saudi-led military operations in Yemen. According to Biden, the six-year-old war should end, but insisted that the United States would continue to support its old ally, Saudi Arabia. 

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Biden said, “The war in Yemen has caused human and strategic devastation and we are pursuing our diplomacy to end the war in Yemen.” He said, “In this war, we are closing all US cooperation, including the sale of weapons in Yemen.” 

Millions of people are starving due to war in Yemen. The United Nations says that Yemen is going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. 

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