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‘Our decisions will make agriculture a profitable business’: PM Modi

प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने किया नये संसद भवन का भूमिपूजन

Speaking at the centenary celebrations of the Chaura-Chauri struggle, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his government is committed to making farmers self-reliant.

Prime Minister Modi said, ‘Farmers also had a big role in Chaura Chauri’s struggle.’

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He said, “Farmers will move forward, become self-sufficient, for this, continuous efforts have been made for the farmers in the last six years. The country has seen the result in the Corona period.”

“Even in the midst of the challenges of the epidemic, our agricultural sector grew strongly and the farmers showed a record production. If our farmer will be more powerful, then this progress will be faster in the agriculture sector, so many steps have been taken in this budget.”

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He said “To make mandis a market for the benefit of farmers, a thousand more mandis will be added. That means when the farmer goes to sell his crop in the mandi, it will be easier. He will be able to sell his crop anywhere.”

“With this, the Infrastructure Fund for the rural area has been increased to forty thousand crore rupees. It will also be directly beneficial to the farmers. All these decisions will make our farmers self-reliant. Our decisions will make agriculture a profitable business.”

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On 4 February 1922, the brave soldiers of independence set fire to the police post after fighting the British rule in Chauri Chaura of Gorakhpur. In this incident, 11 satyagrahis were killed, while 22 police personnel were killed.

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