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‘There was almost a war between India and China’: Lieutenant General Joshi

Lieutenant General of the Indian Army YK Joshi says that during the tensions between India and China in Ladakh, there was almost a war between the two countries.

Northern Command chief Lieutenant General Joshi said during a conversation with reporters in Leh that the situation arose in the Kailash range of Ladakh in late August in the year 2020.

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He said, “We had reached that position completely … The war has actually been postponed.”

He also said that in the incident which took place on June 15 between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley, the number of casualties could be up to 45.

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In the Galwan Valley, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between the soldiers of the two countries, while China did not make public the number of soldiers killed

He said that by seizing the Kailash Range Heights south of Pangog Tso Lake on 29–30 August, the Indian soldiers shocked the PLA (Chinese Army) and even moved tanks there leading to ‘armed conflict’ could.’

After this, the PLA also took tanks to the heights but Indian soldiers were with tanks and rocket launchers at the top. However, moderation was exercised during this period.

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Lieutenant General Joshi said, “It was a very difficult and challenging time for us.”

Earlier Military sources say the disengagement process is on the ‘right track’ and that the troops deployed there will also be recalled after the tanks, military vehicles and other machines of both armies are removed.

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In addition, the withdrawal of troops on both the northern and southern shores of Pangong Lake is expected to be completed by 20 February.

In addition, the Indian Army team along with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) team will physically (physically) verify and re-validate the troops’ retreat process at Pangong Lake.

A senior government official said, “This will be a joint inspection team from both the Indian Army and the Chinese PLA.”

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