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Taliban stopped trade with India

India in touch with Taliban

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban stopped trade with India; The current situation in Afghanistan is now affecting its neighboring countries. India has said that the Taliban has stopped cross-border trade with it. Generally, freight trains between the two countries pass through the route of Pakistan.

Taliban stopped trade with India

The Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) has said that the movement of vehicles has now been stopped, due to which the import and export of goods worth millions of dollars has stopped.

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Afghanistan is its biggest ally in terms of trade for India. India has invested millions of dollars in the development of dams, schools, and roads in Afghanistan.

Does India Import-Export?

FIEO Director General Dr. Ajay Sahai told news agency ANI, “We are constantly monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. The goods imported from there come to India via Pakistan. All freight trains have been stopped. In a way, imports have come to a complete standstill.”

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A report by the International Trade Center on Afghanistan’s export strategy According to India, India is one of the largest importers of dry fruits in the world. In terms of importing dry fruits, India is at number four after America, Germany, and Hong Kong.

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According to the report, India imports large quantities of dry fruits from Afghanistan. Apart from India, Pakistan also fulfills its dry fruit requirement from here. India is the biggest buyer of Afghanistan in terms of the export of almonds, raisins, pistachios, figs.

However, India is hopeful that trade-related activities will be started soon. Because it is necessary and beneficial for both the countries. Hope everything will be fine once the political stability in Afghanistan comes.

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