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Taliban govt in Afghanistan will worsen the situation in Kashmir?

Taliban govt in Afghanistan; After the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan, there has been panic all over the world. People are afraid that

By Ground Report
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Extension of withdrawal of foreign troops unacceptable

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban govt in Afghanistan; After the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan, there has been panic all over the world. People are afraid that the period of panic in Afghanistan will not return again, which will affect other countries as well. But the Taliban is constantly talking about development and people's rule. 

The Taliban and Kashmir have had an old relationship. If we turn some pages of history, it will be clear that the terror of the Taliban has spoiled the atmosphere in the valley as well. Due to the armed militancy that started in 1989, a period of fierce violence started in Jammu and Kashmir. There was a young man pelting stones on the streets, there were terrorists who attacked the army and every Kashmiri was forced to live in terror.

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“The Taliban was in power from 1996 to 2001. This was when you had all the foreign terrorists entering India. Then there were the Kargil war, Parliament attack, Assembly attack, and major suicide attacks. The past experience has not been great,” said former J&K police chief SP Vaid. "During that period training camps for terrorists (for Kashmir) were set up in Afghanistan."

Taliban govt in Afghanistan

In an interview with India Today, former Director-General of Police (DGP) of Jammu and Kashmir SP Vaid said that the developments in Afghanistan will boost the morale of militants in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that "Pakistan's ISI may ask the Taliban to divert some of its militants to revive terror operations in Jammu and Kashmir."

"Pakistan will now move terror training camps of Jaish and Lashkar from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to Afghanistan to escape international scrutiny. Anti-India militant groups will get safe haven in Afghanistan," the former police chief said.

However, Vaid said that some people claim that "Taliban 2" is different from "Taliban 1" and only time will tell whether the acquisition will have any impact here. “There will be an encouragement. If Pakistan is willing to invest, it can focus more on Kashmir (after neutralizing its Afghan front). That part will have consequences. There may be more involvement of non-state actors who were previously involved in Afghanistan,” he said.

Taliban to pass through and fight here

Noor Ahmad Baba, former head of the political science department of Kashmir University said that many people in Kashmir are waiting for the Taliban to pass through and fight here. He said the Indian consulate is apparently trying to pacify the Taliban by playing the Kashmir development card so that they don't get involved here.

Former Indian Ambassador and author Rajiv Dogra has also explained this in detail in his book Where Borders Bleed. He has said how the situation in Jammu and Kashmir was deteriorating when the Taliban was ruling in Afghanistan. According to him, the then Taliban chief Mullah Rabbani had close ties with the Pakistani ISI. Then the ISI wanted that some Taliban fighters should be sent to Kashmir.

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Terrorist activities should be carried out there, Pakistan's whole intention was that about 10 thousand to 15 thousand terrorists of Taliban should be given the responsibility of spoiling the atmosphere in Kashmir. By doing this, on one hand, Pakistan wanted to keep its side clean, while on the other hand, with the help of the Taliban, wanted to change the nature of violence in Kashmir forever.

Rajiv Dogra has told in his book that the then Taliban chief Mullah Rabbani had assured Pakistan that 1 lakh fighters would be sent to Kashmir from his side. So something like this was the relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban. Agendas were different for both, but the medium has always been terrorism.

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