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Taliban search homes of wanted persons: UN

Extension of withdrawal of foreign troops unacceptable

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban search homes; A United Nations report on the threat assessment says the Taliban have stepped up search operations in Afghanistan for those who worked for the United States or NATO and to house them in order to achieve their goals. Homes are being searched and if not found, their families are being threatened with dire consequences.

After the capture of Kabul, the Taliban announced a general amnesty and assured that no retaliation would be taken against anyone. But over time, fears have grown that the Taliban may not have changed much.

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 A secret report prepared by the Center for Global Analysis, a Norwegian intelligence service provider to the United Nations, has been leaked to the media, in which the agency has warned against targeting foreign government aides.

Taliban search homes

The secret report states that the Taliban have a priority list of wanted individuals and those they want to arrest and punish. They are searching for such people from house to house, saying that if they do not surrender, then their families will be arrested or killed in return. Afghans heading to Kabul or Jalalabad airport are also being searched to see if their loved ones are trying to escape.

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“They are targeting the families of those who refuse to surrender,” Christian Neleman, executive director of the Norwegian organization that prepared the report, told AFP. They are prosecuting and punishing their families in accordance with Sharia law.”

Anti-Taliban demonstrations

Protests against the Taliban in Afghanistan have reportedly spread to several other cities. Protesters waved the national flag in Kabul on Thursday, but some were reported killed in the Assadabad area.

The Afghans reportedly went out with their national flag to celebrate Independence Day, which the Taliban fired to stop, causing a stampede and killing two people. It was not immediately clear if the deaths were caused by gunfire or a stampede. 

In Dzhalal-Abad, the Taliban also opened fire on people trying to celebrate Independence Day with the national flag. A young boy and another man were injured in the shooting.

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