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5 mistakes of America in Afghanistan

Extension of withdrawal of foreign troops unacceptable

Ground Report | New Delhi: 5 mistakes of America in Afghanistan; To defeat the Taliban, which America fought for 20 years, today it occupies Afghanistan. The US organization Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has released a report this month, in which Five lessons have been told.

According to Cigar, the foreign and defense ministries did not have a clear strategy. There was no clarity in goals like the elimination of the Taliban, the reconstruction of the country.

Cigar’s report says that America did not understand the culture and politics of Afghanistan. Because of these mistakes happened. As such, there was such a judicial system, which did not have Afghans, etc. Or by inadvertently supporting one side, further complicating the local disputes.

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5 mistakes of America in Afghanistan

  • The Cigar report has underscored the lack of foresight in America’s decisions. There was no strategy for how much time, how much money was needed, where how many people were needed for success. As a result, instead of a ’20 year-long one effort’, the campaign turned into ‘one year long 20 attempts’.
  • Cigar says that many development plans were started but not completed. Billions of dollars were spent on building roads, hospitals, power stations, etc. But there was no accountability for their care. So they were either left incomplete or ruined.
  • Cigar’s report says that the US military and aid organizations lacked skilled people on the ground. Because of this, when a team went home after a year, new people came who did not have the proper experience. Due to this, there was a lack of training.

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  • A large number of people in Afghanistan were troubled and scared by the violence which became a major obstacle in the way of economic development. The Afghan army had little preparation time and its deployment was hasty.
  • Cigar assesses that the US government did not spend time reviewing the plans and did not learn from mistakes. So the same mistakes kept on repeating.

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