Taliban assured security to Afghan Hindus, Sikhs: Manjinder Singh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban assured security; Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee chairman Manjinder Singh Sirsa has said that after the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, our Sikh brothers who were in Ghazni, were in Jalalabad, all those people have taken shelter in Kabul Gurdwara.

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Taliban assured security

“There are a total of 320 people in this. Out of which 50 are Hindu families and the rest are Sikhs. All these people are safe. Everyone is inside the gurdwara,” he said. “Just a few moments ago the local Taliban leaders from there visited the Gurdwara. Sitting and discussing with our Pradhan Ji and assured him that you need not panic.”

“We take responsibility for your safety. We are sure that Guru Saheb will please and our families will be safe there. This is an incident of a short while ago.”

Time to test the Taliban: Mullah Baradar

“Now is the time to test the Taliban,” said Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, head of the Taliban’s political office after the capture of the Afghan capital, Kabul. In his speech, he said: “I congratulate the honorable people of Afghanistan on the great victories, especially the people of Kabul.”

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He further said, “Our message to the Mujahideen is that we did not think of the way we have achieved success in Afghanistan and we did not expect it, but it was the help and support of Allah Almighty that Allah achieved such successes.” We have done it. Therefore, we should all give thanks to Allah and not allow any arrogance and pride to happen to us.

Addressing the Taliban fighters, he said, “Now is the time for you to take on more responsibility than ever before, because now is the time for our trials and tribulations.” We have to work on how we can ensure the lives and property of our people, the peace and order of the country, and the peace of the people.

In his speech, Mullah Abdul Ghani Brady told the Afghan people: “We assure the people that just as God has blessed us with such great victories, we will do our utmost to protect your life and property and your happiness.” We will do it and make sure of it.

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