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What is Taliban’s message to US president Biden?

What is Taliban's message to US president Biden

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Taliban’s message to US president Biden; On February 29, 2020, the US signed a peace deal with the Taliban to end America’s longest war. The historic agreement was intended to pave the way for peace in Afghanistan, but a year later, violence in the country has reached an all-time high.

Under the 2020 peace deal, the US agreed to withdraw all troops by May 2021 if the Afghan government agrees to reduce violence against Taliban Afghan forces, cut ties with terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, and power-sharing arrangements.

What is Taliban’s message to US president Biden?

Speaking to Vice News, the Taliban commander back in May this year said that “our advice to Joe Biden would be to own Trump’s policies by withdrawing his forces. He shouldn’t trouble himself nor his country. He doesn’t have another option, either. So if the Sharia are accepted by the government, we don’t have any problem with them. The solution with the united states is that they don’t interfere with us, nor do we with them. We have given them the way out so they can leave in peace”.

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The commander further said that “Afghanistan is run by the system created by them. It is both a message and a warning, if (Dideen) intensifies the war well, we are all set to fight. We do not get tired of Jihad. The injury doesn’t make us sad. Martyrdom does not hurt our hearts. Even if we are martyred, we win. If we are tired, that is a success. We become successful just by being in Va. We will enter Kabul in victory, God willing! This is our way, our glory”.

President Biden are shocked

On Sunday US President Joe Biden and other top officials on Sunday were shocked to see the Taliban’s almost complete takeover of Afghanistan, while the planned withdrawal of US troops has immediately turned into a mission to protect troops.

According to the Associated Press, the pace of the Afghan government’s downfall and the ensuing turmoil have been the toughest test for Biden as commander-in-chief. Republican leaders have sharply criticized him, saying he has failed in Afghanistan.

Biden campaigned as an experienced international relations expert and refrained from highlighting the Taliban’s achievements for months.

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He stressed that all pro-war Americans are fed up with the 20-year war. In this war, money and military force were used indiscriminately to impose Western-style democracy on a society that was unwilling to accept it.

As of Sunday, however, key officials in the Biden administration have acknowledged that they are surprised at how quickly the Afghan army has failed. The challenge to this effort became more apparent after the intermittent firing at Kabul airport.

Impossible that Taliban will destroy everything

Biden said on July 8 that “it is absolutely impossible that the Taliban will destroy everything and take over the whole country.”

He publicly expressed hope last week that Afghan forces could instill in them a spirit of national defense. But on the other hand, US administration officials had privately warned him that the Afghan army was in disarray.

Then, on Thursday, Biden ordered the immediate withdrawal of thousands of US troops from the region. Most Republicans did not urge Biden to keep US troops in Afghanistan for long.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said that maintaining some independence was important for the United States. He said the images, released on Sunday, showed helicopters surrounding the US embassy. The images are reminiscent of the humiliating withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam.

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