Kikruma village in Nagaland still living in an ancient way

kikruma village in nagaland

The people of Kikruma village protect the forests of the mountains. They collect water in ponds on the slopes below it and irrigate the paddy fields at the foot of the mountains Ground Report | New Delhi: In the Kikruma village of Nagaland, a system called Zabo is used for irrigation. Zabo means to collect water in … Read more

52% households in rural India are getting tap water supply

52% households in rural India are getting tap water supply

India has covered on average 52 per cent of the rural households with access to tap water connections. As on 02.08.2022, out of 19.11 crore rural households in the country, about 9.93 crore (51.96 per cent) households are known to have a tap water supply.  Apart from this, according to the information given, out of … Read more

Use of water continues to grow in the world: 1% per year

All regions experienced water extremes in 2021

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization released a report warning that climatic changes will affect the availability, quality and quantity of water necessary for the needs of basic human rights, thereby undermining the basic right to safe drinking water and sanitation for billions of people. The study highlights that some 2.2 billion people … Read more