How do ants respond to rising temperatures?

500 species of ants outside habitats, should we be concerned?

The ants are not adjusting their behaviour in response to warming temperatures and persist in suboptimal microhabitats even when there are optimal ones, according to the latest study. Ants respond to rising temperatures A study published in the Journal of Animal Ecology revealed that these insects did not adjust their behaviour in response to rising … Read more

Effects of extreme heat & drought will affect 90% of population

Droughts can make water unaffordable for low-income households

A new study by the Oxford School of Geography said that more than 90% of the world’s population is projected to face increased risks due to the combined impacts of extreme heat and drought. Extreme heat & drought effects Most people know that global warming brings with it increasingly extreme temperatures or impacts on all … Read more

2022 was the hottest year in UK history

2022 was the hottest year in UK history

2022 was confirmed as the hottest ever recorded in the United Kingdom, with the average annual temperature breaking the ten-degree barrier for the first time. Scientists at the Met Office, the UK’s National Weather Service, calculated that similar heat is now expected every three to four years. Without the greenhouse gases emitted by humanity, such a hot … Read more

Working in extreme heat puts stress on the fetus: study

Working in extreme heat puts stress on the fetus: study

Unborn babies of women who work in extreme heat are at risk. Not only this, but even before pregnant women are affected, their fetuses can show symptoms of its stress, new research from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK) shows. Risk of stress The risk of stress in the fetus increased by … Read more

What is the highest temperature on earth observed ever?

Cop27: Fears of compromise, 1.5°c target is out of reach

Many are curious about the hottest temperature ever recorded, but there is misleading information regarding this statistic. Death Valley in the California United States recorded a temperature of 56.7°C on July 10, 1913. Highest temperature on earth observed ever According to official data from NASA, the average temperature of the Earth has increased by more than 1.2 … Read more

Glaciers retreating in Ladakh’s Zanskar Valley due to rising temperatures

Glaciers retreating in Ladakh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Glaciers retreating in Ladakh’s Zanskar Valley; The Pensilungpa Glacier (PG) located in Zanskar, Ladakh is retreating and a recent study has attributed the retreat to a rise in temperature and a decrease in rainfall during winters. Since 2015, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun, and an autonomous institute under the … Read more