How IFFCO’s ‘DRONAI’ can revolutionize farming in India?


IFFCO is planning to promote the usage of Nano fertilizers such as Nano Urea and Nano DAP using a drone and Artificial Intelligence technologies at the Pan Indian level in technical collaboration with Agricultural Universities and technical institutes. DRONAI is an integrated program that promotes the foliar application of Nano fertilizers and other agrochemicals by … Read more

Tech’s Involvement in Special Education

special education and technology

Yes, technology has had a significant impact on today’s classroom. Students are increasingly involved with sophisticated applications and calculators to study better, as opposed to listening to the professor for correct knowledge of the contents. One such tool is online multiple fraction calculator that assists to simplify fractions instantly. You may effectively study fundamental … Read more

How do 5G signals affect air travel? Explained

How do 5G signals affect air travel Explained

Ground Report | New Delhi: How do 5G signals affect air travel; Many travelers are concerned about the potential impact on flights in the United States following reports of delays in the launch of high-speed 5G Internet. A conflict over the potential risks of cockpit equipment has led some airlines to cancel some flights and … Read more

What is Web 3.0, how it is gonna revolutionise everything?

What is Web 3.0, how it is gonna revolutionise everything

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Web 3.0; Since its creation, the Internet has undergone major changes, both in its operation and in its objectives. The first websites were purely informative and did not allow interaction with users. The rise of social networks and the birth of pages such as Amazon and Wikipedia ushered in a … Read more

What is a quantum computer? Why India wants to make such computers

What is a quantum computer

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is a quantum computer; In the times to come, quantum computing can effectively change the world and our lives. Realizing the importance of this new technology, the Government of India made a provision of 8 la crore rupees in the budget for the development of this technology last year. … Read more

Why is my MacBook Hot? 7 ways to lower the temperature of your Mac

Why Is my MacBook Hot

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why is my MacBook Hot; Although it is not very common, it is possible that your Mac gets too hot and this could damage an important element of your computer and may even render it completely unusable. To try to solve this, here you will find X very simple ways … Read more

Check your’s: More than 8.4 billion passwords of Internet users posted on Web

What is Tek Fog, How it is spreading hate and fear in India?

Ground Report | New Delhi: A file of about 100 GB in size was created as a result of various leaks and data breaches. All passwords are 6 to 20 characters long. However, the publication counted that the actual number of passwords was ten times less: 8,459,060,239 unique entries. The new password collection was named RockYou2021. This is … Read more

Beware of WhatsApp crashing virus!

social media platform whatsapp

Once uninstalled, when the user reinstalls the app, it is not possible to return to group chat and access to their group chat history becomes impossible. Ground Report | New Delhi: WhatsApp, one of the world’s largest mobile applications for social networking, has revealed a major flaw that could cause people to crash into group … Read more

IIT Madras launches Magazine to Provide Indian Perspective to Global Science Developments

This is the first tech magazine from a top Indian Educational Institution, aimed at a mass audience with focus on articulating trends in Science & Tech developments from not only India but all over the world Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology Madras is launching a Tech Magazine, which will be the … Read more

Apple introduced its first headphones at RS 59,900

American multinational technology company Apple has quietly introduced its first ear headphones, which have been rumored for months. Apple’s AirPod Max has all the elements of Active Noise Canceling (ANC), easy access to Digital Assistant Siri and company-specific design. However, it is more expensive than the flagship phones of any midrange or Chinese companies, which … Read more