‘El Niño’ continues to grow, but for how long?

'El Niño' continues to grow, but for how long?

The presence of the El Niño meteorological phenomenon is indisputable, as evidenced by the temperature anomalies observed in the Pacific Ocean. The extent and duration of its impact remain uncertain. Weather forecasters paint a bleak picture, with some predicting a significant rise in sea surface temperatures associated with El Niño, which could exceed 3 degrees … Read more

Why everyone is scared of El Nino this year?

Extreme weather update: heavy rainfall and strong winds expected

A recent announcement from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), El Niño is likely to develop this summer, a recurring weather pattern that can cause widespread disruption of marine ecosystems and impact global weather events. In its April 2023 weather outlook assessment, NOAA had issued an El Niño Watch, indicating that weather conditions are … Read more

Climate Crisis: super El Niño threatens to strike later this year

Climate Crisis: super El Niño' threatens to strike later this year

Scientists are warning of the potential for a “super El Niño” later this year, which could have devastating effects worldwide. Possible “super El Niño” forecasted Previous El Niño events have been linked to floods, landslides, droughts, failed monsoons, and outbreaks of disease like cholera and dengue fever. While cautioning that early predictions don’t always materialize, … Read more