Rural Report: लड़के लड़कियों में भेदभाव क्यों करता है समाज?

gender discrimination rural report india

Rural Report By  Hema Rawal from Garur, Uttarakhand | केन्द्रीय स्वास्थ्य परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय द्वारा जारी सर्वेक्षण 2021 के आंकड़ों के अनुसार पहली बार देश में लड़कियों की संख्या लड़कों से अधिक हुई है. सर्वेक्षण के अनुसार प्रति हजार लड़कों पर 1020 लड़कियां हैं. माना यह जा रहा है कि आजादी के बाद यह पहली बार है जब देश में लड़कियों की … Read more

What are key findings of National Family Health Survey 2021

What are key findings of National Family Health Survey 2021

Ground Report | New Delhi: India’s Family Health Survey; Some of the key findings of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2019-21 are the increasing cases of domestic and sexual violence against women in the state. The survey shows that married women between the ages of 18-49 who have ever experienced marital violence increased from … Read more

People Dying Due To Hunger: दुनिया भर में हर मिनट 11 लोगों की हो रही भूख से मौत

Every minute 11 people are dying

People Dying Due To Hunger: सामाजिक और राजनीतिक संघर्ष, COVID-19 और जलवायु संकट के संयोजन के कारण अत्यधिक भूख (People Dying Due To Hunger) से हर मिनट औसतन 11 लोगों की मौत हो रही है। अपको बता दें कि यदि ऐसे ही लोगों की मौत होती रहेगी तो वो दिन दूर नहीं जब यह दर … Read more

The piercing reality of racism: ‘Firaaq’

firaaq movie and our society

In the last 25-30 years, the ghost of communal strife has taken over our Indian society.  Hindus and Muslims look at each other with suspicion.  Apart from Hindus and Muslims, elements like Brahmins, Marathas, and Dalits in Hindu society are also seeing each other in the water.  It is unfortunate that our society is falling … Read more

Explained; What are deepfake? How it is affecting lives of celebrities?


Deepfakes have been used in pornography for a long time to tarnish the image of pornstars by replacing their faces with those of celebrities Ground Report | New Delhi: Deepfake technology is affecting people and society and can lead to disastrous consequences if it is not controlled in time. Deep Fake is a far more … Read more