गवर्नर सत्यपाल मलिक ने पीएम मोदी को क्यों कहा बेहद घमंड़ी, पढ़ें पूरा मामला

मुखरता से सरकार के कार्यों की आलोचला के लिए प्रख्यात हो चुके मेघालय के मौजूदा गवर्नर सत्यपाल मलिक ने इस बार देश के प्रधानमंत्री की बेहद ही जमकर आलोचना की है। जिसके बाद सोशल मीडिया पर हंगाना खड़ा हो गया है। हर तरफ़ सत्यपाल मलिक के बयानों की चर्चा ने ज़ोर पकड़ लिया। आइये जानते … Read more

Modi is Arrogant, On death of farmers he said ‘Mere Liye Mare Kya’: Satyapal Malik

Modi is Arrogant, On death of farmers he said 'Mere Liye Mare Kya' Satyapal Malik

Ground Report | New Delhi: Modi is Arrogant; Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik, who has criticized the central government for three controversial agricultural laws, has directly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi this time. Malik said at an event on Sunday that he was in “arrogance” when he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi over these laws. … Read more

Farmers should not return empty-handed from Delhi: Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik

Haryana CM should apologize for lathi-charge on farmers: Satya Pal Malik

The agitating farmers have got the support of Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik. Satyapal Malik said on Sunday that farmers should not return empty handed from the borders of Delhi.  Malik also said that there should not be any atrocities against farmers. ALSO READ: Sticky Bombs A Threat, Will Face It: J&K DGP Dilbagh Singh Satyapal Malik said … Read more

GR explains: What’s the controversial Roshni Act of Jammu and Kashmir

What’s the controversial Roshni Act of Jammu and Kashmir

Three weeks after the investigation into the alleged scam in the Roshni act scheme was handed over to the CBI by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, the Jammu and Kashmir administration said on Saturday that it would cancel all the action taken under the scheme and reopen the entire land in six months. A … Read more

J&K Bank declared PSU: Traders, politicians call on Governor for rollback

J&K Bank, Satyapal Malik, Bank autonomy, PDP, NC, Omar Abdullah

Srinagar | Wahid Bhat Jammu & Kashmir, which has been facing a political instability following the sudden dissolution of the assembly is now headed towards another standoff over the decision by Governor Satyapal Malik to turn the J&K Bank Ltd into a public-sector bank. Major political parties and traders in the state have criticised the … Read more