J&K Agri dept to support Sikkim for cultivating Saffron

Agri dept to support Sikkim for cultivating Saffron

Ground Report | New Delhi: A meeting was convened by Governor Ganga Prasad today in the gracious presence of Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang at Raj Bhawan Gangtok.  The meeting was held to discuss in detail the prospects of Saffron Cultivation in the State of Sikkim.   Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang in his address, … Read more

Saffron: How the world’s most expensive spice is disappearing

War, climate, and counterfeiting threaten the harvest Kashmiri saffron is the most fragrant spice in the world. 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran, but the fibers of the Kashmiri are thicker and more aromatic, which significantly increases its value. Kashmiri saffron is very whimsical, but 35 years ago the harvest was so … Read more

Saffron Production Declines, Fields and Growth Shrink in Kashmir

Scattered on both sides of the Dusso road, a small hamlet in the southern city of Pampore Kashmir- the saffron city of Kashmir, about 20 kilometers from Srinagar has fields of Crocus sativus, flowers that produce a valuable spice known as Saffron, or zafran by the Persian name. Cultivated and harvested in the Karewa (highlands) … Read more

Why Saffron is decreasing day by day in Valley

Wahid Bhat|SRINAGAR The saffron industries in Kashmir have been dying a silent death over the last decade, with production rates for both commodities witnessing up to45 percent declines in some areas of the Kashmir Valley. A growing market for cheap, ‘fake’ saffron – either chemically manufactured or ‘cut’ with additives to increase its weight – … Read more