Frequent rainbows are a bad sign for the environment

rainbow and climate change

As explained by National Geographic, a rainbow is a multi-colored arc made by light-striking water droplets. Rainbows can be viewed after rain, around the fog, sea spray, or waterfalls. A rainbow is an optical illusion and is not actually present in the sky. It is the result of refraction and reflection of light. Every one … Read more

Climate change could bring us more rainbows, but that’s not a good thing

Climate change could bring us more rainbows, but that's not a good thing

Have you ever wondered how rainbows are formed? These bands of light that we usually associate with positive things like happiness or good weather, appear with torrential rains and floods. That is why they are a meteorological rarity that only a lucky few get to see after a dark day. But soon rainbows could become … Read more