Why does Sweden allow Quran burning?

Why does Sweden allow Quran burning?

A series of desecrations of the Qur’an by anti-Islam activists in Sweden has sparked anger in Muslim countries and raised questions about the permissibility of such acts. In the latest incident, an Iraqi individual stomped and kicked the Koran at a protest authorized by the Swedish police. Similar protests have occurred before, drawing attention to … Read more

Who is Rasmus Paludan, dividing Sweden?

rasmus paludan far right extremist behing seden riot

Riots have erupted in peaceful Sweden, which is considered communally calm. This happened when the people of the Muslim sect were protesting against the right-wing party leader Rasmus Paludan in Orebro in central Sweden. Rasmus is far right extremist who is regularly organising Quran Burning ceremonies in Sweden and Denmark. According to local media, about … Read more