Effect of rising inflation in China

Ground Report | New Delhi: Effect of rising inflation in China; China’s largest soy sauce maker has increased the prices of its products, which clearly shows how much inflationary pressure has increased on the world’s second largest economy. Foshan Haitian Flavoring and Fund Co. has said that it is going to increase the prices of … Read more

‘Modi government gives important order on buying oil from Gulf countries’

India has asked the government oil companies to diversify the oil imports, that is, speed up the process of buying oil from different countries. The English newspaper The Hindu has made this claim by quoting two sources in its news . Last week, OPEC Plus, a group of oil exporting countries, announced a major cut in oil production by April and … Read more

Prices of edible oils increased by thirty percent

The prices of food grains have increased by thirty percent in the country, which the government is worried about report by The Times of India. Peanut, mustard, sunflower, coconut all edible oils prices have increased. In the last one year, the prices of coconut, soybean and sunflower have been increased by 20-30 percent. According to newspaper … Read more