How many nuclear reactors does India have?

How many Nuclear reactors India have?

Nuclear power is the fifth largest source of electricity generation in India after coal, gas, wind power, and hydroelectricity. At present, India has 22 operational nuclear reactors with an installed capacity of around 6,780 MW. India is not very rich in fossil fuel resources and considering the large and increasing demand for energy, all sources … Read more

Electricity from nuclear fusion, How it is different from existing nuclear energy?

Researchers in California confirmed a breakthrough in nuclear fusion, where they recorded the first case of ignition on August 8, 2021, which has now been published.

The nuclear energy that is currently produced in nuclear power plants to produce electricity is based on nuclear fission, finally, science has achieved “a breakthrough” in the relentless quest to make the most of nuclear fusion. For the first time, researchers have created a nuclear fusion reaction that has produced more energy than was invested. Electricity … Read more