Powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake shakes Japan

Powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake shakes Japan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Earthquake Japan; A powerful earthquake has shaken northern Japan on Wednesday, triggering a tsunami alert, reports the Associated Press. The first information indicates that the earthquake would be of magnitude 7.3, according to the Japanese chain NHK, and that it would have occurred in the Fukushima prefecture. Some users on … Read more

How much Tokyo Olympics cost Japan?

How much Tokyo Olympics cost Japan

Ground Report | New Delhi: How much Tokyo Olympics cost Japan; The results of the Olympic Games during the coronavirus outbreak came on Monday with heavy spending and an increase in coronavirus cases. Sometimes it seemed impossible to hold competitions and there was a mixed reaction until the end. According to the AFP news agency, the … Read more

The world got 52 lakh new millionaires

The world got 52 lakh new millionaires

Ground Report | New Delhi: The world got 52 lakh new millionaires; In 2020, when the whole world was reeling from the pandemic, wealth was increasing. A recent report by Credit Suisse shows that there are 52 lakh, new millionaires, in the world in 2020. Which countries have the most millionaires, know… The world got 52 lakh … Read more

Most expensive fruits in the world, price will blow your mind

expensive fruits

It is very common to hear discussions about pricey dresses, purses, or jewelry due to their heavy price tags but how most expensive do you think fruits can be? We keep munching cheap and affordable fruits every day, but here are some royal fruits, whose price will blow your mind. Ground Report | New Delhi: Most of the expensive fruits … Read more

India entered the top 10 most “smoking” countries in the world

“Ensuring that young people do not smoke before age 25 will drastically reduce smoking rates for the next generation,” Reitsma said. Ground Report | India: On the eve of World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated on May 31, scientists have named the most “smoking” countries in the world. The Global Survey on Tobacco Use 1990-2019 … Read more

Talked to India, Japan and Australia on China’s challenge: US

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that ‘President Joe Biden discussed the challenges posed by China with the leaders of India, Japan and Australia at the first meeting of the Quad countries’. Jake told the press that this virtual meeting was not focused on China, but it also discussed the East and South … Read more