Israel said this time nothing less than a permanent solution

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We do not want any short-term solution says senior adviser to Israeli PM Ground Report | New Delhi: Mark Regev, a senior adviser to Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has said Israel wants lasting peace.  In a conversation with BBC Regev said a short-term solution would become a recipe for another Gaza war. He said, … Read more

What is Hamas and who are its supporters?

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Gaza Strip has been under Hamas control since 2007 and has several foreign allies. But where does hamas get its rockets for attacks on Israel and who finances it? The German media has in the past called Hamas an “extremist Islamic organization”, but in the current conflict between Israel and … Read more

Israel-Gaza conflict: What is Israel’s defense system, Iron Dome?

Dome defense system has a success rate of about 90 percent Ground Report | New Delhi: In recent tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, the Israeli military claims that Hamas has fired 1,500 rockets at Israel, but most of them have been destroyed by the Iron Dome in the air. Israeli officials say the Iron … Read more