Who is Shehbaz Sharif 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Who is Shahbaz Sharif set to become new PM of Pakistan?

Following the success of the no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly, the Assembly convened today to elect a new Leader of the House, in which PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif was elected the 23rd Prime Minister of the country. Moment-by-moment updates on the National Assembly session and the overall political … Read more

Who is Donald Lu US official who ‘threatened’ Imran Khan govt?

Who is Donald Lu US official who 'threatened' Imran Khan govt?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan claimed that Donald Lu, the top US official dealing with South Asia at the US State Department, was involved in the alleged plot to overthrow his government. Imran Khan govt threatened After announcing the dissolution of the National Assembly, Imran Khan briefed his party’s members of the Assembly … Read more

Section 144 imposed in Islamabad Pakistan

Section 144 imposed in Islamabad Pakistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Tight security arrangements have been made in the federal capital Islamabad Pakistan before the vote on the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. Section 144 is in force in the entire city and police say they have been called on additional duty to maintain law and order. An official said, “We … Read more

Imran Khan may declare emergency in Pakistan

Imran Khan recFresh elections in 90 days in Pakistan ommended dissolve of the assembly

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is considering the option of declaring an emergency in Pakistan, the Times of Pakistan quoting Geo News. According to the report, the Prime Minister has ordered that such an excuse be made to impose the emergency on the country. The sources said that Prime Minister … Read more

Video: Pak PM SAPM Shahbaz Gill used vulgar words on TV

Pak PM SAPM Shahbaz Gill used vulgar words on TV

Ground Report | New Delhi: Special Assistant to Pakistan Prime Minister (SAPM) on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill while expressing unique and strange logic, Shahbaz Gill said that Randi and Dalal are household words in Punjab. Speaking to the media, “In Punjab, when a woman’s husband dies, she is called a r*nd* [prostitute] and when a man’s wife … Read more

How many votes does Imran Khan have?

How many votes does Imran Khan have?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Votes Imran Khan have; In Pakistan this month, opposition party leaders tabled a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister and at the same time have also demanded the convening of a session of Parliament. The decision to present the motion of censure was taken at the joint conference of the … Read more

List of people who die in Murree, Pakistan

List of people who die in Murree Pakistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: List of people who die in Murree; Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Saturday that at least 21 tourists trapped in vehicles had died as a result of heavy snowfall at Murree, a resort near the federal capital. What happened in Murree Pakistan Due to the snowfall here, … Read more

What happened in Murree Pakistan, All you need to know?

What happened in Murree Pakistan, All you need to know

Ground Report | New Delhi: What happened in Murree Pakistan; Pakistan’s relief and rescue officials have said that at least 21 people have died due to heavy snowfall in and around Muri and Punjab provinces. Mari Hill Station is called the ‘Queen of Hills’ and during winters a large number of tourists come here. What … Read more

‘This is Pakistan, not India’; Pakistani court ruled freedom of expression is constitutional right

A Pakistani court judge has referred to India in a case in which 23 people were arrested by Pakistani police on charges of treason. Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Attar Minallah said the Pakistani government had violated the constitutional rights of protesters, adding that it was not India but Pakistan. ALSO READ: Indian Army Using Drones … Read more