10 things you should know about Land conflicts in India

10 things you should know about Land conflicts in India

While the land-related conflict in India has long posed a threat, according to a new report, 75.94 per cent of all existing land-related conflicts have been resolved, according to a new report. Land-related conflicts The report titled Land Locked: Investments and Lives in Land Conflicts, published by Land Conflict Watch (LCW), a Delhi-based research agency … Read more

Journalists need character certificate to cover PM Modis rally in Himachal

Modi Govt reduced advertisement budget for electronic media

Journalists attending Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh on October 5 should be ready with their certificates of character. The notice has now been withdrawn. On September 29, 2022, the Police issued an official notification that has already generated serious controversy. Not only private media but also state media organizations like All … Read more

The Naked Truth of Bastar; Tribal Heart Land of India

bastar tribal heartland of india

Chhattisgarh is a gold mine of fascinating tribal culture in India. It has been a treasure trove yet to be explored and discovered. It thrives on the cultural magnitudes and myriads of age-old traditions and rituals that are yet to be told. Whether it is the exclusive handicrafts, wild rivers, quaint villages, ancestral temples, rich … Read more

Know about Dalit social reformers of India

Featuring several inspiring accounts of Social reformers from the Dalit community. Sanjana  Tiwari Ground Report | New Delhi: Social reforms from the Dalit community; The human rights violation in this country is one of the major problems. The socio-economic milieu of Indian society is inherently hostile toward the protection of the human rights of Dalits. … Read more

Success & Struggle of Adam Harry to become first transgender pilot in India

Success & Struggle of Adam Harry to become first transgender pilot in India

Taking a welcome step toward inclusion and breaking the glass ceiling, India’s civil aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), issued medical guidelines for the first time on Wednesday that will allow transgender people and non-binary fly planes in the country. The move comes just weeks after the DGCA invited 23-year-old trans pilot … Read more

Which state gives highest number of army personnel in India?

Which state gives highest number of army personals in India?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Highest number of army in India; Himachal Pradesh has the highest per capita recruitment with 420 recruits/1 Million Population between the years 2017 to 2019, while the figure is the lowest for Goa with 4 recruits/1 Million Population. Gujarat sent roughly 16 men for every 10 lakh of Gujaratis. By … Read more

Dowry system in India: 19 women die everyday, Why it is not ending?

Dowry in India: 19 women die everyday, Why it is not ending?

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), recorded around 7000 cases of dowry-related deaths in 2020 alone. That amounts to about 19 women every day, Although the act of giving or taking dowry has been banned since 1961, the practice of dowry persists, as has violence against women arising out of dissatisfaction over dowry. However, it … Read more

How much microplastic generated from face masks every year in India?

1.6 Billion disposable masks entered Oceans, its harmful impacts

The arrival of the pandemic caused a phenomenon that for many seemed impossible: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a symptom of the slowdown in world economies. The increasing use of face masks in India is generating 1.54 million tonnes of microplastics every year, which can pose a major threat to the environment and health, as per a recent … Read more

10 Poorest states in India in 2022

Poor states in India in 2022

Ground Report | New Delhi: Which are the 10 poorest states of India, all of us would like to know. So today we will tell you about the poor states of India. As you know there are some poor state in India, just like some of the Richest states. List Top 10 poorest states in … Read more